Investing in Real Estate in an Unstable Market

Must-Have Strategies to Maximize Returns, Minimize Risk, and Invest with Confidence During Uncertain Times

About the Masterclass:

This course provides strategies for starting real estate investing in 2023, considering the challenges of increased rates, prices, and inflation. It emphasizes the importance of better education and data to minimize the risk of buying the wrong deal. You’ll learn about unique asset classes to invest in, mistakes to avoid, growing a team, underwriting changes and techniques, lead generation, and more. Through this masterclass, real estate investors can develop a solid investment strategy and maximize their chances of success. If you are interested in learning more about investing in real estate in an unstable market and must-have strategies to maximize returns, minimize risk, and invest with confidence during uncertain times, this course is for you.

What you’ll learn:

✔ How to analyze the RIGHT data points to identify the best markets to invest in
✔ Ideal (and often overlooked) asset classes ideal for investment during unstable markets and diversifying your portfolio
✔ The most common analysis mistakes investors make (and how to avoid them)
✔ How to properly leverage debt in real estate, during good markets and bad ones
✔ Tips to effectively build a real estate team so you can earn more while working less
✔ Expert tips to market and generate new leads that convert to money in your pocket, despite market conditions
✔ Must-know strategies for property and project management

About the Teacher:

Travis Hanson is a highly successful real estate investor who has achieved the ultimate goal of real estate investors: the freedom of time.
Travis is an experienced real estate attorney, real estate investor, real estate agent, and real estate broker. In 2010 he began investing in real estate and, at one time, owned over 600 units that consisted of single-family homes, multi-family homes, and apartment complexes.
Travis has vast knowledge within the real estate market in general, real estate investing, real estate sales, and management of successful businesses.

His experience includes involvement in over $350,000,000 worth of real estate transactions. Before investing in real estate, Travis spent eight years as a corporate attorney. He is actively involved with his new Endowed Scholarship at the Texas Tech University School of Law, the Travis R. Hanson Family Endowed Scholarship, designed for students with an entrepreneurial spirit. This Endowed Scholarship is awarded annually to deserving law students who show a strong desire to use their law school education to pursue nontraditional entrepreneurial legal careers.